Fong-Ming, Nutrition Student

Fong-Ming, Nutrition Student

Hello everyone! My name is Fong-Ming [aka FM] and I am a 4th year Nutrition student with a minor in Family Supports and Community Practice. I am a foodie; I love the food world and I am interested in all food issues including food politics, sustainable food systems and food habits. Aside from food, I am also a huge fan of sci-fi TV shows. Stargate Atlantis, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica are a few of my favourites.

I have travelled to a few countries in the past few years including France, England, China, and some parts of Northern US. But, of all the places I have visited, I consider Scotland to be my second home because I have lived and studied in the city of Dundee for nine months. I really miss the rural countryside, majestic mountains, rolling hills, mysterious lochs and all the wonderful people I have met. Nevertheless, I look forward to returning to the land of whisky and haggis one day.

The decision to help rebuild New Orleans was not a difficult choice. I have always wanted to volunteer in some humanitarian capacity. And now given the chance, I would definitely not miss out on such an opportunity. Having studied in the field of Nutrition, social inequality and inequity are key components to understanding health and health care disparities. I want to contribute in any possible way that I can with my knowledge and skills set, and also learn about the culture of New Orleans and advocate for social justice. Whatever chances come my way, I am eager to make my mark.

FM likes Phyllis Montana Leblanc’s poem “Not Just the Levees Broke” as heard in Spike Lee’s film “When the Levees Broke”. Her book of the same name is now available.

Poem regarding surviving Hurricane Katrina and wanting my relatives to return home to New Orleans after the storm.

Not just the levees broke
The Spirit broke, my spirit
The families broke apart (I want my momma, my sister, and my nephew back home)
The auction block broke from so many African-American bodies
The sense of direction was broken because of the darkness
There was light from time to time, but they broke away and left us
My being together broke when I fell apart
The smell broke away from my skin when I came out of the waters
The waters that came and stood still, with the bodies of my people, the dogs, shit and piss, rats, snakes and “heard of ” alligators
The broken smiles, the broken minds, the broken lives
And you know something? You wanna know something? Out of all of this brokenness, I have begun to mend
With God, my deep, deep commitment to infinite strength and to never give up
I am mending
I am coming back.
God willing, for a long, long time
So, when you see the waters
When you see the levees breaking
Know what they really broke along with them…