There are 24 people living in what is technically a 3 bedroom house. One group of 7 is sleeping in what used to be a carport and is now an extra room, 3 are in the living room, 4 in each of two of the other bedrooms, and 6 in the last. There are two bathrooms. Yes, two bathrooms x 24 hot, sweaty and dirty people.

We have yet to have any disagreements that last beyond a minute or two. Everyone is getting along. The students cooperatively cook, clean, make lunches, do laundry and share access to the TV, showers, etc. Yesterday two of them spontaneously decided to make a cake (it was gone before it got cold). Someone else decided he wanted to mop the floor. The dishwasher is run frequently, and someone handwashes anything else that is ever needed and/or pots. Nothing is assigned – it is all just happening as a fluid organic process.

While the house is likely way messier that any of us would likely tolerate usually, it is clean and tidy enough considering there are 24 people.

Yesterday we had two local parish councilmen come visit for an hour to answer questions. They may have been expecting fluff; instead they got some well thought out and hard hitting questions. It was a good two-way learning process.

Many of the students are battling colds/flu/coughs. A busy pre-trip period of exams and essays plus cramming in extra work for money, and several days of physical labour is taking its toll. Bedtimes seem to be getting earlier and earlier every night 🙂 but yet everyone is still awake by 730 at the latest every morning. I gave everyone a vitamin C immunity booster drink yesterday, and a trip to Walgreens stocked people on cold medications.

Yet despite the minor sicknesses everything is smooth. Parents – y’all raised some good kids.