So the weekend was spent at Creole Gardens which is supposedly haunted. I had one of the haunted rooms but the little servant boy who haunts it never showed, and certainly didn’t come to be given orders – ie “pack my suitcase!” – as I had hoped. Despite not *seeing* any ghosts many of us were a little apprehensive that they might appear.

Sunday night a few of us headed to an IHOP for supper. We took the exit according to the directions but must have missed a turn because we ended up back on the highway instead of the service road. No problem; next exit we’ll catch the service road back.

So we get off the highway and slowly turn on to the very dark…very very dark…service road. I’m going quite slowly because it was just so dark. We go around a sharp curve and suddenly I see something in front of us and swerve into the lane beside us.

We saw this…..

ghost car

The front end of the car (right side of the picture) is actually facing the traffic that approaches it. So not only is it on the road but it is facing the wrong way. I don’t know how long it has been there, how it got there or why it is still there, but with no streetlights and coming after the sharp curve it was very dangerous. But moreso, at least at the time, was the fact that it scared us and made us laugh at the same time. We called it the “ghost car” and started a round of jokes reminiscent of the old-fashioned ghost stories where a stranger would materialize on a deserted road and ask for help with their car, or offer to fix yours, only to learn that they were long dead.

We laughed all the way to the IHOP and then scared ourselves silly on the way back to take this pic saying “what if its not there anymore”.