So I think I’ll start off this post by saying that I had the best day so far this week today.
This week has really shown me how much structure and organization is the key to making everything come together smoothly. There has really been a noticeable difference of organization between St. Bernard Project and Common Ground. With St. Bernard Project, we always knew where we were going and always had what we needed. When it came time to work for Common Ground, it was a huge shock when we went to dinner and there wasn’t enough for everyone. I felt really bad for the people that did not receive dinner and took much less for dinner the night after. Tuesday morning we showed up for work and waited for our supervisor to show up and at about 9:50am, they came…. and then didn’t need us. After being bounced around a bit, we settled in to a work site doing drywalling. It was hard to settle in and feel helpful when everyone had already had a system set up to get things done. 
I feel like I should be disappointed in the way things are going this week in regards to our accommodations, but I am really not. We came here for an experience and let me tell you, this is quite an experience!! 🙂 I’ll always be able to look back at the things I have written in my journal entries as well as looking at all of my pictures to remember all of the crazy and amazing things that we have seen/experienced in the last few weeks.

Here is a little update of what we did today (since it has been one of the best days for me here!)
We went to do wetland restoration and found ourselves helping grade 4/5 classes with activities throughout the day. We started out by planting in a marshy area, then went to catching critters from the water! We found all sorts of things such as shrimp, fish, some sort of eel, crawfish (yum), and some sort of mussel. Sadly, we did not find any Alligators! They do live in that water, but they must not have felt like hanging out today. Oh well! Anyway, since we were running out of time, we decided to do two activities at once. We were looking and listening to different bugs and animals to see how many we could find on our way to the water testing area.
When we got there, the kids got to test the PH levels, as well as nitrogen in the water. It was really cool and a lot of the kids were really interested in using the knowledge they had learned in the classroom and apply it to their field trip!
Other than a small little burn I acquired, I think everyone had a really great day today.
p.s. the Snowballs they have here are delicious!!! (they are pretty much the same as snowcones, only way more syrup!!)