I have a growing collection of New Orleans books; many are technical and likely not for mass reading but a few really capture the heart of the issue of Katrina.

down in new orleans

Down In New Orleans: Reflections from a Drowned City by Billy Sothern shows that New Orleans is a city that was in crisis before the storm. A criminal defense lawyer working on capital cases Sothern isn’t afraid to point out the failings of the system, and to highlight discrimination and injustices in NOLA before and after the storm.

1 dead in attic

One Dead in Attic by Chris Rose takes its title from a column Rose wrote in November 2005 for the Times Picayune, where he works as a columnist. The book captures his experiences beginning just a few days after the storm when he was one of only a handful of people in the city. Told through his Times Picayune columns Rose shares his personal struggles along with the stories of his city.

Nine Lives: Life and Death in New Orleans by Dan Baum is a bit different as it tells the stories of nine New Orleanians from their early years through the hurricane and beyond. Also different is a video trailer for a book: