St.Bernard Project

relies on donations and volunteers to build houses cheaply (yet with quality!!). A house costs about $12-15000 US to build and takes, on average 8-12 weeks.

They have broken down the costs even further :
* $10 donation buys one box of nails (for you and me, it’s parking in a downtown parking garage)
* $50 donation buys a low flow toilet (for you and me, it’s 5 iTunes CDs)
* $100 donation buys a kitchen sink (for you and me, it’s an iPod Nano)
* $250 donation buys front and back doors (for you and me, it’s 2 months of lattes)
* $500 donation buys siding (for you and me, it’s one car payment)
* $1,000 donation buys drywall (for you and me, it’s one month’s rent or “partial rent”)

SBP also operates very leanly. 5-6% of their annual budget goes towards administrative or indirect costs.

Toronto2NOLA has set its campaign goal at $15000 to provide enough money to build a house. We want to bring a family home. (We’ll pick a family when we get closer to the amount).

Don’t forget, online donations can be made at

Our firstgiving donation page