New academy to be centerpiece of St. Bernard schools’ rebuilding
by Bob Warren, The Times-Picayune
Saturday August 08, 2009, 9:17 PM

Doris Voitier was a woman on a mission as she stalked the hallways of the new school in Chalmette last week.

Floors needed finishing, windows needed cleaning, furniture had to be assembled and moved — unfinished tasks all duly noted by Voitier, the superintendent of St. Bernard Parish public schools.

“How’s it coming?” she repeatedly asked workers scurrying around the school, hustling to get it ready for an onslaught of students. “We going to be ready by next week?”

“No,” of course, would not have been an acceptable answer.

Satisfied, Voitier turned to the group she was touring through the new Ninth Grade Academy at Chalmette High School and announced in no uncertain terms, “We WILL be ready for students” when school opens Wednesday.

As the school district marks the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Voitier and others expect the Ninth Grade Academy to become the centerpiece of its reconstruction efforts.