During Hurricane Katrina the lack of an evacuation plan came to light very clearly. Many residents lacked not only the funds for the evacuation but lacked the means to evacuate. New Orleans has one of the highest rates of people who don’t own a vehicle, and this was particularly true for the poor, disabled, elderly and/or black residents.

A new organization Evacuteer.org is working to make future evacuations easier and safer.


Evacuteer.org believes that like-minded organizations with volunteer manpower as well as unaffiliated citizen volunteers can coordinate their efforts at a level of effectiveness higher than any could do acting independently.

We believe that citizens and neighborhoods can have as much power and effectiveness keeping their neighbors safe as any private or governmental organization has.

Our goal is successful, efficient, sanitary, and safe evacuation of all New Orleanians upon initiation of the CAEP. (City Assisted Evacuation Plan)


* To develop a network of organizations committed to assisting evacuteer.org upon initiation of the CAEP
* To empower Evacuteer Liaisons within partner organizations in order to keep expectations and trainings up-to-date
* To establish a broad and diverse donation revenue stream to support evacuteer.org initatives, with the ultimate goal of perpetually improving operational effectiveness of volunteer use during evacuations
* To be the premier volunteer-mobilization entity in the City of New Orleans for individuals and organizations committed to assisting in the CAEP