Further to my post a couple days ago about Nagin’s claim that New Orleans is well on its way to recovery here is a great post from Puppetgov by Daniel Terdiman that really shows the truth….it also touches a bit on disaster tourism….

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that New Orleans is doing just fine three years after Hurricane Katrina.

Sure, it’s true that some areas of the city, like the French Quarter or the Garden District, seem back to normal, with swarms of tourists, drinks flowing, and the leisurely pace and laid-back attitude the city is famous for on full display. And it’s also true that there are parts of town where you’d never know anything bad happened.

But in the Lower Ninth Ward, the poverty-stricken part of New Orleans that took the biggest hit from the 2005 storm and the floods that followed, a sign I saw on Sunday perhaps sums up exactly what is going on there:

“Tourist,” the sign exhorts, “Shame on you, driving by without stopping. Paying to see my pain. 1,600+ died here.”