From founder:

One of my startups is being put to the ultimate test by a threesome: Ana, Bill and Claudette — and it’s not going to be fun.

When we started, our focus was to prevent the horrors of Hurricane Katrina from ever happening again. We were ambitious – in fact extremely audacious because we believe in the power of social media and the basic goodness of people and that we could build a system to actually deliver real-time web information to save lives, prevent injuries and mitigate property loss. Above all, we wanted to to be a one-stop resource for disaster preparedness. If we save but one life, we would meet our goal.

We’ve worked long and hard to build out our system and it’s up and running. Along with social media tools; Twitter, SMS and geo-tags, we’ve implemented a near-real-time storm tracker. We’re still making changes to the user interface and user experience. GEEK WARNING: We’re pushing the Agile methodology, RoR, geo coding to the extreme and this week is going to be the true test of our software and site’s capabilities.

I take that back – this week is NOT A TEST. It could be a real disaster and emergency.

In the next 80 hours, we may be experiencing THREE (3) named storms all barreling into the Caribbean, Florida and maybe the Carolinas.

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