A few days ago I wrote about Emicus.com which is looking at social media as a tool during hurricanes.

This article on Inventorspot.com goes even further with ten different ways social media can help during a hurricane season.


4- Communication- Hurricane Katrina illustrated that a widespread disaster can displace residents and employees without access to Internet connections or working land-lines. In advance of natural disasters, less-traditional communication methods might include two-way radios, cellular telephones with out-of-state area codes and/or text messaging capability, satellite telephones, or personal data assistant (PDAs). Cell phones that have access to social networks can be used to report one’s location and current status.

5- People Finders- Twitter, Facebook and other social networks should devise a ‘disaster recovery plan’ to assist in locating people that are stranded by a storm. Perhaps similar to a 911 call to a police station, postings to a central location on these social networks with one’s location and contact information could be another means for the distressed to reach out to family and loved ones. In reverse, the social networks can communicate safe-house facilities in various areas that can provide the displaced with updated shelter locations.