How do you count the impact of a Hurricane? Bill Quigley and Davida Finger think they have a way. Davida Finger is a justice lawyer and clinical professor at Loyola University New Orleans. Bill Quigley is a human rights lawyer on leave from Loyola now serving as legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Some examples:
Number of hospitals in New Orleans providing in-patient mental health care as of September 2009 despite post-Katrina increases in suicides and mental health problems. (Source:

Percent of 134,000 FEMA trailers in which Katrina and Rita storm survivors were housed after the storms, which have had formaldehyde problems. (Source:

Percent increase in rents in New Orleans since Katrina. (Source: Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, Metro New Orleans Fair Market Rent History (2000-2009), at

One Hundred Sixty:
Number of units which will be public housing eligible in the new St. Bernard area after demolition and rebuilding. St. Bernard was constructed with 1400 public housing apartments. Only a small percentage of the 4000 families in public housing in New Orleans before Katrina will be allowed to live in the new housing being constructed on the site where their apartments were demolished.