Flood in the Philippines Tuesday, Sep 29 2009 

The extensive flooding in the Philippines over the past week is a stark reminder that the more we screw with our eco-system the more often there will be these types of so-called “natural” disasters.

This You Tube video shows the flooding’s impact on a parking lot of cars.

In this article from the New York Times Filipinos Document their ‘Katrina’ Online there is a detailed list of the ways in which technology and social media has helped in the coverage of this disaster and the dissemination of information.


Shopping local in New Orleans Saturday, Sep 26 2009 

Except for my weird addiction to McDonalds chicken strips with ranch and buffalo sauce which are only available in the US, I always try to eat and stay local where possible, when visiting New Orleans.

An article in the Times-Picayune in September says “Every $100 spent at a locally owned business on Magazine Street recirculates an average of $32 through the local economy, according to a study released Tuesday. The same amount of money spent at a national chain recirculates an average of $16 back into the local economy. Conducted by retail analysis firm Civic Economics, the study also showed that local businesses generate four times the economic impact of national retailers on a per square foot basis.”

There is a group in New Orleans called Stay Local! which is trying to promote the concept. It’s website says:

Stay Local! is about Culture. We understand that locally owned businesses form the cultural backbone of this city and its neighborhoods. They are what imbues the place with its aura of authenticity and a big part of why people want to live, work, eat and shop here.

Stay Local! is about Commerce. We understand the positive economic impact of keeping dollars circulating within the local economy.

Stay Local! is about Environment. A strong economy is a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy is one with as many built-in local networks as possible. We want to make staying local with purchasing decisions as easy as possible for all consumers.

Booked!!! Saturday, Sep 26 2009 

Booked for New Orleans today. We’re heading down on Oct 10th and coming back on Oct 18th 🙂 Sooooooo excited!!!

New Orleans Blacks don’t live as long as North Koreans Saturday, Sep 19 2009 

New Orleans…third world country or part of one of the richest countries in the world? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.

“The life span of African Americans in the “Big easy” is 69.3 years, almost as low as Korean life expectancy. The average life span of Blacks living in the state of Louisiana is 72.2 years. This is well below that of the average Vietnamese, Colombian and Venezuelan denizen.”


Back to NOLA in 5 weeks Sunday, Sep 6 2009 

While my birthday is next Sunday I am more excited about 5 weekends from now when I get to head back to New Orleans. I’m planning on 8 nights this time; it coincides with Canadian Thanksgiving and block week at school.

I’m bringing my bf down. He’s going to work for a week at the St. Bernard Project doing rebuilding work. I’m going to split my week; half working there in the office and hopefully half working with ACORN Louisiana.

I want to check out the status of the Florida Housing Project. It was halfway demolished when we left in May….

Florida Ave townhouses

Florida Ave townhouses

I suspect its all gone now, looking like the rest of the area did….

missing florida townhouses

NOLAFemmes Friday, Sep 4 2009 

Came across a great blog called NOLAFemmes

Launched in July the blog is written by several woman from New Orleans. Recent topics have included reflections on Katrina, info about the 4th anniversary, links to other New Orleans blogs, books, and local events. This is a great site to bookmark for an insight into New Orleans.

The about us section says:
“NOLAFemmes is a group blog comprised of women who live, love and work in New Orleans. Some of us are natives by birth and some are natives by choice but our overwhelming commonality is that we love this city and we love to write about it.

The blog members are listed on the sidebar and most have their own personal blogs and are well known in the Nola blogging community. Others are well known in the Facebook community for their dedication for chronicling issues that affect us all as New Orleanians. We’ll be blogging local entertainment and community affairs to politics and everything in between.”

Check it out!!!

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