Except for my weird addiction to McDonalds chicken strips with ranch and buffalo sauce which are only available in the US, I always try to eat and stay local where possible, when visiting New Orleans.

An article in the Times-Picayune in September says “Every $100 spent at a locally owned business on Magazine Street recirculates an average of $32 through the local economy, according to a study released Tuesday. The same amount of money spent at a national chain recirculates an average of $16 back into the local economy. Conducted by retail analysis firm Civic Economics, the study also showed that local businesses generate four times the economic impact of national retailers on a per square foot basis.”

There is a group in New Orleans called Stay Local! which is trying to promote the concept. It’s website says:

Stay Local! is about Culture. We understand that locally owned businesses form the cultural backbone of this city and its neighborhoods. They are what imbues the place with its aura of authenticity and a big part of why people want to live, work, eat and shop here.

Stay Local! is about Commerce. We understand the positive economic impact of keeping dollars circulating within the local economy.

Stay Local! is about Environment. A strong economy is a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy is one with as many built-in local networks as possible. We want to make staying local with purchasing decisions as easy as possible for all consumers.