I’m Alyssa, an Environmental Studies major at York University. Really glad to be a part of this year’s NOLA home-rebuilding team. I’m just as excited as you!

So, about me… well, I love music. Currently I work as Technical Production Coordinator at CHRY, York’s radio station, mainly working with audio, and it’s super dupes. I also love to joke around and eat food. I like playing soccer, Guitar Hero, card games, and all these wondrous things.

The reason why I decided to apply for this course was because I like the idea of being able to not only learn about the problems New Orleans currently face but to be able to solve them in some capacity right away. I think rebuilding a community is the least that a physically able person can do to make the world (or somebody’s world) a better place. Also, I’ve learned about alternative news at CHRY, which has given me a better aspect on journalism and opened my eyes about individuals, even whole communities, that don’t get to be heard on mainstream media. With that in mind, I feel that a lot of people have forgotten about the impact of Hurricane Katrina, and I would like to use this opportunity to learn and document more about the people of New Orleans and the sorts of obstacles they face. Being in the environmental management stream for my bachelor’s seems to take a back seat compared to my willingness to help out and feel spiritually good about building homes, but hey, its worth it.

New Orleans is a place I have not yet visited, and I find it especially cool that it has a rich cultural, musical history (it is the place where jazz began). I think this is more than an opportunity to contribute to those in need, but also an opportunity to soak up that culture everyone knows about! New Orleans, here I come!

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Summer 09 was fun!

I would also like to thank Tanya and Pascal for making this all possible…!