Hello! My name is Stacey Lynn Sim. I was born on June 18, 1980 – that means that I’ll be the big “3-0” this year! I was born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario which is where I continue to reside today. I have been happily married to my wonderful husband Scott for seven plus years. Together we have two beautiful (and sometimes troublesome) daughters. Mackailyn is four years old and little sister Kyleigh is two.

I attended Humber College in Etobicoke where I received my Nursing Diploma in 2002. Currently I am studying at Ryerson University to obtain my Nursing Degree. I am a continuing education student and have a little over a year left of my studies.

I have been employed at the Woodstock General Hospital for the last seven years. I work full-time on a busy medical-surgical floor and am actively involved in my job. In my spare time I seem to find myself deep into my studies (lately anyways), but I also find time to do some scrapbooking as well as taking the girls to their many activities.

I decided to be apart of this New Orleans experience because I have always wanted to help out in a humanitarian way. I witnessed poverty first hand travelling in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Cuba. It was quite an eye opener. After Katrina hit I knew I wanted to do something to help but was never really sure how. Then, this opportunity arose and I decided to jump at it. I know it will be an experience of a life time. Having this chance will hopefully show my children that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. I also want them to realize that helping others is important.

Thank you Tanya and Pascal for giving me this chance to give back to those in need. I hope I can help at least one person get his or her life back on track.