Hello Everyone!

My name is Louise Chau and I am a third year Early Childhood Education student here at Ryerson. Upon graduation, I am working hard towards getting my teachers qualifications as well as my masters. I have a strong professional background with children with special needs. I currently work with the City of Toronto as a Special Needs Support Worker. I have an immense passion for working with children and families, I think it is a really rewarding experience to be able to help others and educate.

Alright, so onto some fun stuff……

I enjoy long walks on the beach, and talking all night long. I love sushi and peppermint tea. I will eat almost about anything. I have a super asian family and three sisters. I listen to really heavy music and go to shows quite often. I absolutely love clothes, so let’s go shopping on our off hours. I am an excellent volleyball player, I play for a Toronto team during the summer months. I also have an obsession watching youtube makeup tutorials. Unfortunately.

I am really excited for New Orleans and I am lucky to be given this opportunity to change the lives of the people that have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

See you all there!