Hey everyone,

My name is Marjoree Yabut and I am in my third year at Ryerson University as an Early Childhood Education student. Prior to attending Ryerson University, I worked as an early childhood educator for two years and have experienced the different techniques of teaching young children from birth to 6 years of age. My future goals are to be a speech psychologist and attain the opportunity of teaching English around the world to children who have English as their second language. Hopefully, this summer as I do my international placement in the Philippines I will gain experience towards my goals.

I am very excited to be going on this New Orleans trip because it’s about time that I help out in any way I can through outreach opportunities. Some of my interests are experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and travelling therefore, travelling to New Orleans will be a double advantage for me because I’m travelling outside of Canada into a new culture and doing it for a good cause. In New Orleans I hope to help out a lot of families in any way I can, learn to build a house and perhaps get in touch with the different schools/day care centres in the area and the children and their families. I want to thank Ryerson University for providing this great opportunity for a once in a life-time learning experience to occur and at the same time is considered as a credit. Also thank you Pascal and Tanya for allowing me to be a part of this great adventure. See you guys there!!!