HI EVERYONE!!!!! Okay, where do I begin..hmmm. My name is Courtney Anne Paul. Everyone calls me Cece or Cee’anne. I honestly can’t remember the last time someone called me Courtney, which is pretty funny. I am 20 years old. I am also a Social Work student at the best university in the world- Ryerson! I think I have a pretty outgoing personality. I love to have fun, I love to laugh, I love to tell stories, and of course I love to make people smile! But of course, I do have my days when I’m quiet and shy (smile). Now on to some interests and hobbies…..I enjoy travelling and being spontaneous and going different places, places I’ve never been. I love music of all types and I love writing- I write songs and poetry. I do Sudoku puzzles all the time (you know, to exercise my brain lol). I love food, I am always eating (my friends and family can testify to this). I love fashion- I love to shop til I drop- literally. I do some modelling on the side as well. I am absolutely in love with Marilyn Monroe. Hmm, I also love sports, mostly basketball and track. As I type this biography I am actually anticipating this weekend because it is All-Star weekend, therefore I will be stuck to the TV screen until Sunday. I used to do track and field all through grade school and high school, until I broke my tailbone (thumbs down). I also love spending time with family and friends (the ones that are there for me, unconditionally). OH yeah, I almost forgot- I am ADDICTED to my BLACKBERRY!!

I am a very caring, loving, passionate, and generous person. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to help people and make various changes in this world. Currently I work with youth and adults with developmental disabilities and I LOVE IT! I feel rewarded when I am able to make the smallest change that means so much to someone else. I cannot wait until I am in New Orleans, doing what I do best- helping people and putting a smile on many faces!