Hey there! My name is Chantelle and I am a second-year Child and Youth Care student at Ryerson.

I enjoy travelling and learning new things as long as they’re hands on and interactive. I signed up for this trip to New Orleans for just that – it was the perfect chance to get away from home and experience a different culture. I am hoping to broaden my cultural and global awareness by participating in this class – in the end I wish to be more empathetic.

My closest friends describe me as outspoken yet friendly. “She has the tendency to be mischievous but in the end is a compassionate good friend.” Strangers are most likely to describe me as weird yet funny. I think that I have a good temper unless you really get to me. I won’t lie, I like to have fun – if I’m not enjoying myself it definitely shows. I love food – I love eating. I try to make the best of every situation and to be open to others perspectives (as long as they are open to mine). I’m a huge fan of respect – “do onto others as you’d have them do on to you”. That may be why the story of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina stand out so much to me. To see how much the community gave and how much they are getting in return from their government is saddening.

I’m fairly creative and like to paint (pictures, posters, projects, my room etc.) My favourite colour is green – and I really am not a fan of pink. In my spare time I watch movies online, sleep, spend time with my goddaughter and closest friends, all while thinking what to do next. Currently, New Orleans is next and I cannot WAIT to be there.

A HUGE shout out to Pascal and Tanya for making this experience possible!