Hi everyone, I’m Krista Campbell-Merriam. I graduated from George Brown College, and continued my studies at Ryerson University, in Early Childhood Education. I’m currently in my last semester, of my four year program, and am looking forward to going to New Orleans! I found out about this opportunity through a course called ‘Homelessness in Canadian Society,’ where Tanya and Pascal satisfied my curiosity immensely!  I have a son, Dawson, who will be eight years old in April, and although I’ll miss him, I’m so excited to be able to participate.  I’ve always thought about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, or something along those lines. St. Bernard’s Project seems quite dedicated to rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and I am so thrilled about getting the chance to help out as well.

I think this experience will be challenging, but enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things! I’m sure the rebuilding of homes will be quite the experience on its own, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what other things the city has to offer. I’m sure everyone will still be pumped about the Saints winning the Super Bowl, the Jazz Festival will be going on, the French Quarter and Bourbon Street are both quite intriguing, and I hope I get the chance to ride on a boat through the ‘Swamp and Bayou Tour!’

I’m anxiously awaiting my departure, and words cannot even begin to express my excitement! I know I will find joy and happiness, in knowing that I’ll be making a difference in someone’s life. I hope this creates an awareness of the severity of this disaster, and motivates others to want to help bring a family home!