Hello Hello! Francesca here to talk all about herself!
I am a second year student at Ryerson University in the Arts and Contemporary Studies Program, majoring in Global Studies. I love learning about the ideological, historical, social, political and environmental implications that have shaped and are shaping the world around us. I am interested in learning in lecture, but I am a very hands-on individual. I gain knowledge through experience because there is so much meaning and context. I had the opportunity to work with Plan Canada (www.plancanada.ca) to do research on early childhood development in developing nations and I chose to focus on Bangladesh. Not only was I able to write an article that will be featured on the website, but I was able to learn so much about women and children in developing nations. While researching and writing I felt a desire to go out and plug time into helping areas that are in need of assistance. It is experiences outside the classroom that stimulate my mind even more on pressing issues and concerns. I am super excited about going to New Orleans!! Not only is it a city that is covered in culture and history, but it is a city that has been struck with a natural disaster and is still in recovery.

Ok so what do you really need to know about me? I am an ENERGETIC, very POSTIVE, and super easy to talk to person! I love listening to other people and learning where they came from and where their headed in life. I’m all about meeting new people and experiencing new things that will help me and others understand the world around us. After reading some of the previous blogs I am already super excited to go on this trip! I can’t wait to meet everyone and fly down to NEW ORLEANS!! (I literally jumped for joy when I found out I was accepted for this trip!)
Ps. I’m jealous of everyone going on the first half of the trip- PLEASE tell me how the Jazz Festival goes! (its soo unfortunate that I can’t go then  )
Big high 5’s go to Tanya and Pascal for making this possible!