Hi Everyone! My name is Mercy Nyarkoh and I am a 3rd year sociology student at Ryerson University. One thing I like to do is listen to music, I like all types of music and I don’t really have a favourite genre. In my spare time I like to read, use the computer and play online games. I am very pleased and excited to be a part of the first group going to New Orleans, I have always had an interest of travelling and helping others. I believe this trip is a perfect opportunity for me to showcase my love and care for others. Not only am I excited to help build houses for those in New Orleans I am also excited to experience the rich and beautiful culture of New Orleans, such as the food, music  and language. When I think of this trip it reminds me of one of my favourite shows Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I love how Ty Pennington and his workers rebuild houses for many to start their live fresh an anew. I feel exactly the same about this trip but instead of Ty Pennington and his crew doing all the work it is Ryerson students completing the Extreme Makeover on homes and allowing many families to start their new lives again . I believe this trip will be a big eye opener for me and I know I will gain many skills that will help me in the future. I’d like to thank Tanya, Pascal and all of the Ryerson community who made this trip possible and for the New Orleans organization for giving us the opportunity to help out. I really appreciate it thanks a lot!! J