Hey everyone! My name is Nikki and I’m a second year nutrition student at Ryerson University. As you can probably tell, I love food! I love cooking and trying new recipes, especially ones from different countries. Right now I’m really into Thai food. I’m very excited to travel to New Orleans and try out their cuisine. I’m also very interested in food security, both locally here in Toronto, and worldwide. I know that travelling to New Orleans will enrich my understanding of food insecurity and the other troubles facing the residents of New Orleans.

I also love travelling. I’ve been to England, France, Spain, China, and Cuba. I think my time spent in China will best prepare me for my trip to New Orleans. In China there was a lot of poverty and food insecurity. It was also the biggest culture shock because it was so far away from home and I didn’t speak the language. It was also the longest time I had been away from home – two weeks. The food in China was amazing though!!!

I’m very excited about this opportunity to travel to New Orleans. For one, I’m pumped to learn how to build a house! I’m hoping the skills I acquire while I’m down south will help me with my future house. Second, I’m so eager to explore the culture of New Orleans – I’ve heard so much about the cuisine and the music of this city. I’d like to close by saying a big thanks to everyone who has/will support me on this journey. Pascal and Tanya, you guys are great!

P.S. Was so happy that New Orleans won the Super Bowl!!