Hello everyone! My name is Parya. PAR (like in golf) and YA like (ya mon)! Don’t worry I am pretty much accustomed to having my name mispronounced and it does not bother me one bit! I am currently one year away from receiving my bachelor in nursing (Woohoo!!). I am extremely happy with my decision to become a nurse; however this was not something I saw myself doing ever since I was a little girl. During my childhood I wanted to become an actress, architect (then I realized I need to be physics and math smart!), artist and photographer.  I absolutely love art, both looking at beautiful art and drawing, I love to take pictures and hopefully one day get back to developing my own photos again. I also enjoy writing (people who know me would agree that maybe I write too much sometimes!); listening to all types of music; reading a good book (not related to theoretical foundations of nursing!) and recently I have discovered my interest in hot yoga and meditation. I have a teacup Chihuahua (yes like Paris Hiltons dog; however mine only wishes he could be that spoiled!). His name is Pofak Namaki, we just call him Pofak, which means cheese puffs and Namaki means salty. I love dogs very much and if I did not live with my parents, I would certainly have a huge German Sheppard, to take care of Pofak of course! Also, I love children very much and like to think that I am good with children. My biggest pet peeve would have to be talking on the phone with someone who is eating and I do not like it when people make fun of and put down others. Sorry, I mean I HATE IT!! Everyone is unique and that is the beauty of life.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to and enjoy helping other people. I have always been interested in doing some kind of humanitarian work and one of my goals is to volunteer in a 3rd world country one day. I believe my aspiration to help other people is rooted in experiencing poverty first hand when my parents decided to leave our motherland, Iran, for better opportunities and living circumstances. During our 2.5 year journey to our new home, Canada, I learned a lot about what it feels like to live in a shelter, with no security, to being blessed with countless opportunities.

I am sure that going to New Orleans will be a great experience that I am thankful and excited for. From this trip I hope to walk away feeling proud that I helped changed someone’s life in some way. I hope to learn more about their fascinating culture and listen to stories of those who survived such a devastating disaster. I believe that hard work pays off in the end, change starts with one person and together we can make a difference!

Thank you Tanya and Pascal for this opportunity!