I’m Rachel, a 2nd year Criminal Justice student at Ryerson.  I’m really stoked to have the opportunity to go to NOLA this year. I wanted to do this trip last year with the first group, but procrastination and lack of funds got the best of me. Having to listen to a friend talk about how amazing and how educational the trip was for her, here I am this year. I’ve always wanted to volunteer somewhere, to give my time to help others and when this opportunity came around again this year I couldn’t let it pass by again. Can’t wait to get over there and start working, literally counting down the days until takeoff.
Alright so about me, over the last couple years I got into photography, which coupled with my love for music, means I spend a lot of my time enjoying two things I love at the same time, photoing live music acts. It’s rare to see me without a camera in my hands. Can’t wait to get down to NOLA and take in all the culture it has to offer, I think I’m going to need to pick up a few more memory cards for my camera. I work almost full-time and go to Ryerson full-time so my life is pretty busy, and I can’t wait to take a time out on it all for this trip.

I’m so appreciative for this opportunity and thank Tanya and Pascal for giving me the chance to do this!