Francesca and I at the Annual Arts Gala at Ryerson 🙂

Hi everyone! My name is Julea Campbell, and I am in my third year in the Sociology program at Ryerson University! I’m a small town girl who loves the busy streets of Toronto; I adapt very easily to my surroundings! You can place me anywhere in the world and I will make it my home. I have two younger sisters who are my best friends ever. I’ve been a vegetarian for thirteen years! I have an obsession with wonton chips, falafels, and samosas – clearly, I’m very healthy! I surprisingly love rap and hip hop music even though I seem like a little country girl (woop, Lil’ Wayne is from New Orleans!). I love to get involved, so I’m on many committees and unions at Ryerson, and I just got a position on the RSU Board of Directors for the next academic year. In my picture to the right, I am on the right. The one on the left is one of my great friends, Francesca Piacente, who is also going to New Orleans in the second two weeks with me. 🙂

I’m a really easy going and flexible person, and I love the diversity of people – from race, culture, gender, age, and religion, to their hobbies, interests, and skills. I love to meet new people and learn new things from them. I believe we learn the most in life through other people and the experiences we have with them. That’s why travelling to New Orleans is so special to me; I will be experiencing so much through this new culture. I know I will learn some amazing things from the people there, and my mind and eyes will be open to a whole new world I have never known.

I have travelled abroad a little bit already. I went to Italy in grade eleven, where I gobbled up all the pasta and gelato that was humanly possible. I also went to France and Belgium the following year to represent Canada, and my hometown, in the Vimy Ridge Rededication (the 90th anniversary of the battle Canada won during the First World War), which 3500 Canadian students attended along with the Queen, and Canada’s and France’s Prime Ministers. I loved Europe and their wonderful culture. I would go back in a heartbeat! I have also travelled many times to Florida, British Columbia, and many parts of the Northern United States.

I’m very excited to go to New Orleans and volunteer for two weeks! I haven’t been able to go on a service trip before, and I was very excited about this opportunity when I heard of it. Through my Sociology studies, I have learned a lot about the world around us. We study social inequalities, with specific focuses on race, gender, and social class. Through my understandings, I want to make change in a society that desperately needs it. I believe everyone needs to help everyone else out, and this is just the start of social justice changes I want to be a part of in my lifetime. ♥

PS – I’m heavily considering going to New Orleans early just for the Jazz Festival! I REALLYY want to go!

PPS – Thank you Tanya and Pascal for organizing this trip! Wooo!