My name is Candice Walker and I am a third year student in the Collaborative George Brown College and Ryerson University Early Childhood Education Program. Which means that for the first two years of my degree program I was enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program at George Brown College. And the courses that I took while in that program were pre-requisite courses for me to become a third year direct entry student at Ryerson University.

In my program in order to graduate it is mandatory for me to take a number of professionally related courses. So in the Fall of 2009 I was enrolled in the CINT 902 Homelessness in Canadian Society course. I really enjoyed taking that course because we not only talked about homelessness in Canada but we also talked about other countries such as the USA and their struggles with Homelessness.  Hurricane Katrina was one of the topics that was thoroughly lectured upon within this course.

When I found out that there was another professionally related course which focused on community development in New Orleans; by means of building houses for families who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. I new I had to be a part of it. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. And now I get to go to New Orleans to do something that I enjoy doing on a regular basis. Which is support  young children, their families, and their communities in inclusive and supportive environments.