Hi all!

I’m Sarah (the blondie on the left) – I’m 22 years old, a Toronto native (I love my city J), and a third year nutrition student at Ryerson.  I transferred from Guelph over a year and a half ago from their arts and science program.  I knew that I wanted to do something with my life that was a little more science-y, but also where I could work with and help others.  With nutrition, I really feel like I’ve finally found my niche (after three years of having no idea what I wanted to do!).

One of the most memorable times of my life was when I took a year off after highschool, and spent that time earning some money to backpack around Europe for two months.  I definitely caught the travel bug after that, but haven’t really had the chance to travel since. I was so excited to hear about the opportunity to go to New Orleans.  It combines my passion for travelling and learning about different cultures, and my desire to help others.  I’m so happy and thankful for the opportunity, and am really looking forward to the experience!