Hi my name is Stacy-Ann Williams.  I am taking courses at G. Raymond Continuing Education. Hopefully, I will make up my mind to what program I want to pursue a degree in.  The best thing about Community Development-International Perspectives is the New Orleans field experience and the unique perspective of the program.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans pre and post Katrina.  Before Katrina I had many friends who had never traveled out of their birth state because they were proud to be natives of Louisiana. They spoke about their city with pride, admiration and a sense of belonging.  After Katrina, many of the people I knew were singing a different song. They could not believe the “great America” could abandon their citizen.  The lack of support they received and the issues in coming months.  They moved to neighboring state and refused to return because of the lack of government support.  This course is a great opportunity for me because I get to be an active participant of change.  Even if it is just to help one family return back to the state of great jazz music, southern fried food that would make one gain 10 pounds in 2 days and people that know and are friends with their entire block. Yes, there are numerous other courses I could have taken that would be cheaper to the pocket, but this course is unique and the approach is entirely different from conventional learning.

I cannot wait for this experience to show the people of New Orleans that Canada cares.  I enjoy working with my hands and building things.  I can recall purchasing furniture and taking the entire day to fit it together.  The frustration of having extra pieces left over. 6hrs gone and the job are still half complete.  Having self-talk to why I enjoy torture.  All in all, the main reason I enjoy rebuilding is the rewards of accomplishing the task and bragging rights. I believe Community Development-International perspective will be like fitting furniture together. I know I will be an asset to the team because I enjoy helping people; in fact my full-time job is in the social service field.  I pride myself in making connection with people. I can pull from others things they don’t necessary want to make public.  Subsequently, it becomes emotionally draining when a connection is made.  I have learned I cannot change the world but I can take steps in changing myself and helping others to make the best choice for themselves.  My motto is  “teach me to accept the this I cannot change, change the things I can, and learn to understand the differences.”  I look forward in getting to know my classmates and having a wonderful trip.