Hello to everyone! My name is Jason Miller and I am a 3rd year Social Work student at Ryerson University. When I initially heard about this class and the whole NOLA experience I knew this was something I had to be a part of. When Hurricane Katrina hit I found myself frustrated with all the race and class conflicts that were taking place. At the same time I was hopeful that a revitalized and more prosperous place would emerge after the fact. Unfortunately what I was hoping for has yet to come but by being a part of this class and coming on the trip, I plan to learn and do as much as I can to assist the city and its residents to continue to take steps forward.  I am heavily anticipating this experience and I come well equipped to handle anything this trip may throw at me. I look forward to learning more about this city and experiencing all it has to offer with my fellow classmates. I would like to consider myself as pretty handy and helpful considering I have been a part of many landscaping projects in the past. Also due to being a part-time cook for 3 years at a nursing home I can promise I will be helpful around the kitchen. When I am not at school or working I spend my time restoring classic General Motors cars with my friends, which entails of salvaging through junkyards and looking across Canada looking for parts.