I couldn’t believe it when I realized I was only 39 days away from boarding a plane to fly down to New Orleans! Despite my excitement there is still so much to do, so I made a list of 10 very important things:
1. Get all paper-work + logistics sent to Tanya and Pascal (aka right after I write this post)
2.Finish readings for NOLA classes
3.Attend NOLA class #2 and #3
5. Buy “building a house” gear…Wal-Mart shopping spree!
6. “Buy” American money
7. Plan a systematic way to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing into a suitcase- this will be a challenge!
8. Figure out why my flight times have changed on me twice already? (I hope I’m not the only one who had this problem!)
9. Train myself not to freak out on the plane… this will be tricky business
10. Say good-bye to my friends and family and head down to the culture filled city of NEW ORLEANS!

In the first class, and in the readings I’ve done, I have gained so much insight on the social, political, environmental and economical factors that affected New Orleans since the hurricane. Gaining this awareness and knowledge has helped me, and will help me when I’m there, to understand more about the impacts Katrina had on the city and the people themselves. I’m excited to take part in a movement of rebuilding a city and rebuilding the lives of those who live in it!

Until next time,
Francesca Piacente
Group 2