In case you are not a Facebook geek like myself, I would love to update you all (y’all, please someone fill me in on this joke…. hahaha) on the fundraising that happened a few weeks ago!

BAKE SALE! Went amazing, we made over $400 and Mr. Ryerson President gave us an extra $100 for the trip! We also sold some bracelets and attempted to sell raffle tickets 🙂 Depending on scheduling maybe we can do another? Always good to continue to knock down the price to get there!

My hopes for this trip is CRAZYNESS! Basically I want to have the most fun possible helping out the people of New Orleans. I am pretty emotional so I am going to need your shoulder to cry on. Yes you! Besides the fun times I really hope I do get to learn how to build an actual house, would be cool to one day build a wall, you never know when it will come in handy….wall building…

I would also really love to learn more about the culture. I was talking to Hayley about how exciting it is to go, but also to experience the culture and music there! I am also ready to try some new foods and hit up a club or something.

From our last class, the scary mandatory one, I am very afraid to drink the water there now. Thank you mister presenter…. and I am also afraid of getting mugged. So buddy system it is! And probably investing in a fake wallet. Good times… good times.

I have started packing for the trip already because I have an exam literally on the same day, and if you are anything like myself, I always forget something… so it has to start now.

Let’s make it count everyone! My last day of school is the day we leave! HOORRAYY.

See you all soon !!!!