Ok, Just had my first actual class being the late starter that I am…and WOW lots to take in and ponder. For now, I play catch up for a little bit and then we’re off to the BIG EASY!!! So…a bit about me just to get started…34 and Fabulous! I have worked full time in the non-profit field for the past 10 years. My background is in Early Childhood Education, my work is with young single mothers and families with children 0-6 years old. I enjoy writing, playing sports (am a tomboy) and spending time with my family, I have a nephew and a niece whom I adore. I am looking forward to New Orleans and I know this will be an amazing life experience. I hope to help out in every possible way and to take in all that is New Orleans. The people, the culture and the music! 35 more days and group #2 we are there!

P.S You think it would be hard to meet one of the New Orleans Saints???