Wow it’s almost time to be exposed to an amazing culture that New Orleans has to offer. Despite the horrible tragedy that the city has gone through with Hurricane Katrina, I believe that there is still a fun and exciting life waiting to be experienced in New Orleans. I feel so proud and blessed to be a part of this experience where I will be making a difference in peoples’ lives and to the whole city itself. I have never taken part in a deed such as this that is why I have no expectations and I’m super excited to take in everything I can learn and experience and meet a lot of great people. I’m also super proud of everyone in the team for all the fundraising efforts to bring down our fees to $317 congrats everyone, great teamwork. I hope to experience many great adventures in New Orleans. Well after exams when I’m stressed free is when it will truly sink in that I’m actually going on this trip to make a difference in the world and for sure starting to pack and shop for things I will be bringing will boost my excitement for the trip. See you all there, can’t wait…

Take care everyone,
Mara (group 2)