Since emailing Tanya my application on Christmas Day, it has been a whirlwind of events. From December till now:

I had classes at Ryerson. (For a school so small, IT’S LIKE A MAZE)

Made postcards to sell in fundraisings!

‘Borrowed’ chairs and tables from the FES lounge and had a bake sale!

Open my inbox daily to many emails from Tanya and Pascal. Before December, I made the account for resumes and hoped for replies from potential employers. Replies: 0, New Orleans class-related emails: 89. It’s a nice change.

Bake sale at Sheridan. This time with permission!

Made t-shirts for classmates today! Yellow and red and black and blue everywhere. (Judy and some people asked me how I make these t-shirts. Secret revealed. In my own bedroom is where the production happens!)

Started a movie list when I finished my last exam (April 9th). Yup, I’ve watched 13 movies since April 9th.

My friends have been asking me when I am leaving for New Orleans, and even though my reply is always the same (“May 15”), sometimes I don’t think I believe what I say. May feels like forever away, I know I’ll be saying the opposite come May. Then it will be all “ARRGH WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? WHY HAVEN’T I STARTED PACKING YET!?” (No Tanya, I won’t lay off the caps. I LOVE CAPS LOCK.)

Even with all that has happened since Tanya sent out the first email with the subject, “We’re going to New Orleans :-)”, and me going to Ryerson for the first time, to the classes and readings, to the bake sales, to every “like” I’ve clicked on Facebook for all the fundraising-related messages, to buying airplane tickets on my own for the first time!, to the 18 t-shirts I’ve made today (and still not finished yet ugh), to the many many questions I’ve had to answered to my parents and friends (“NEW ORLEANS? WHY! WHEN?”), to all the people I’ve met from class, and to the movies we’ve watched in class. I. Still. Can’t. Believe it!

How many more movies am I going to have to watch for it to sink in? For May to come? I’ve had lots of fun these past couple of months, and sometime stress (i.e., the logistics shtoof). ACTUALLY, most of the time. But I am just so excited for everything that has happened and things that are still to come.