Now that the majority of the preparations for the trip have been finalized – the plane has been booked, passport and papers have been laid out… I finally have the opportunity to take a breath and really think about what it is I am about to embark upon. The anxiety of filling out disclaimers and looking into insurance and getting my passport together with a non-mug-shot looking photo has been replaced with the anxiety of not know what to expect after I step off the plane. During my fundraising efforts and just during my everyday encounters with people telling them how excited I am about having the opportunity to help get people back into their homes, I have come across the same comment several times. Many are under the impression that 5 years after the hurricane the city must be almost back to normal now. I admit that it crossed my mind several times that perhaps my efforts will be made in vain and too late. I still struggle with that feeling and in some ways hope that I am right. I don’t know how I will react to the sight of seeing a city in ruins after such a long period of time. Otherwise, I have had the opportunity to meet with my fellow travelers over the last few sessions and I am confident that if I am going to have this experience, I am going to share it with the right group of people. So in a nutshell… I’m tentatively excited J. Regardless… NOLA here I come!!