The time for us to leave is coming closer and closer.  Every time I look at the calendar I’m shocked at how fast the time has gone by when I first made up my mind to go on this trip!  I am becoming more and more excited and have no idea what to expect.  I have an idea in my mind of what the city will look, and be like but I am sure it is nothing I could ever imagine.  I keep thinking about everything we are going to see and experience and wonder how I will react.  I can not wait to go and start to build houses, and see all the other sights we are going to see.  Two weeks seems like a long time, but I am sure once I am there it will go by so quickly I wont even realize it.  After all the discussions and movies we watched in class, I feel as though I have prepared myself enough for what is about to come.

Cant wait to officially meet everyone and do this with you all J.