Hi everyone! Alyssa Tutay here.

New Orleans, New Orleans… I’ve been talking more and more about the trip with other people, and they all seem to enjoy the idea of it all. Sometimes I feel discouraged thinking back to some of the quotes from the films we watched, such as ‘New Orleans will never be the same again’, and ‘I can’t go back there’, etc. Essentially, we want it to rebuild it the same way, if not better than before – which we probably will – but it still won’t be the same. Very tragic thoughts about New Orleans, but I’m also looking forward to participating anyways, and having fun! Not to mention learning about building houses, which I think is a great skill to take home! Highly undecided as to which clothes to bring (and whether or not I should bring my guitar), but I guess anything is fine. Strangely enough, I’m very excited to sleep in my sleeping bag soon. Woohoo! It’s like camping! Bonfire and marshmellows? *hint hint* yummers!