It’s less than 1 week to go yes less than a week. I can’t wait, you just don’t know, well maybe you do. I have been thinking about getting on the plane for this trip from our first meeting and the time is this Friday. I did all my exams last week and handed in my last assignment a 15 page politics paper and it felt so good, my facebook status read 4th year is done and Louisiana bound… It feels so good to be so close.

I haven’t packed yet, but I will start tomorrow, I will start wit the must haves in Nola… sunglasses, sun tan lotion, and a fresh hair cut…. Jokes
I am so looking forward to this trip, I have been speaking with friends whom went last year and each time they tell me about their experience it makes me more excited. I’ve been at Ryerson for 4 years and I know that the memories I will have of Ryerson when I graduate, won’t be the exams or the 15 page papers, but these types of experiences. Traveling to a new place, connecting with new people from, different disciplines, different backgrounds and breaking bread with one another. I know that I will learn, grow and build with those on the trip, but I will be given an opportunity to get to know everyone in a new environment while helping others, by building a home for someone. I know the experiences will be special, the pictures will be memorable and the new friendships even better. I hope everyone is ready… see you all in New Orleans…