Ok really! I didn’t think the time would fly by as fast as it has in 20 days I will be in the Big Easy! Where do I start? Everyone I have talked to about this trip has been so encouraging. “It will be a signifcant moment in your life Michelle.” Is what people are telling me. Something I can share with everyone and that I am looking forward to.
As for me being ready?! Ummm not really! I have to check my list and check it twice to make sure I have everything and then the packing begins….but really can everything fit in one suitcase? Hmmmm I guess I am gonna have to try.
From the first time watching Spike Lee’s documentary up until this very moment, I have had such a variety of emotions, however I know that nothing will compare to actually being in New Orleans and experiencing all that city has to offer. Including the struggles and heart ships of its citizens. I welcome the opportunity to meet new people, build strong relationships, get to know the culture and work hard to help out in any way that I can. I can’t wait to share this experience with everyone!

See everyone in 20 DAYS!!!