Feeling both excited and a little stressed, I am ready to pack up and take off! Since I’ve been attending the 2nd session classes during the school year, I missed the opportunity to meet many of you from the 1st group whom I wil be sharing my journey with. I am looking forward to car crashing with Krista and the girls and hope to get to know everyone in New Orleans. =)
It’s been a hectic week: finishing up on my exams, ending certain relationships, moving out, finding new places – it is almost impossible to only focus on one thing at a time. Is going to NOLA simply one of these things to be checked off my to-do list? Is this just another course at Ryerson? Or is it a different kind of volunteer experience? Is it also a transition of my life, of letting go and embracing myself? What kind of meaning and learning experience will this trip bring me? What adventures will I encounter? keeping these questions buried inside (and posted online, lol), here I come NOLA.