WOW. What else can I say? First I would like to thank all of my friends, co-workers and family members for helping out with my Epicure fundraising party. Special thanks go out to Tammy who was the host of my party and donated her commission towards this awesome trip. I cannot thank her enough. Other thanks go out those who also donated money to help make this trip possible.
I can not believe that it is time for us to be travelling to New Orleans to help make a difference. Throughout the first half of this course I cannot believe how much I have learnt about New Orleans, the people, and the devastating effects Hurricane Katrina has left on the people of New Orleans. The readings have brought this catastrophic event into perspective and have made me become even more anxious and excited about going.
I have spoken to a co-worker who has been to New Orleans in the past and recommends (in our spare time) a Po Boy, the drive thru Candy Bar Daiquiri shops and a crawfish bar. I think I will have to experiment with the food as I am not much of a seafood eater, but hey a time for new experiences. Experiencing the culture will be a huge eye opener and a learning experience. I can’t wait.
Being a part of the St. Bernard project will be a great opportunity to learn new skills and meet a lot of people. I am anxious to hear stories from the victims of Hurricane Katrina and to better understand what they went through. I am sure culture shock will quickly set in as well as homesickness but I will preserver and continue to strive for the goal. Rebuild so a family can come home. I know this goal is achievable so this is my main priority while in New Orleans.

See everyone soon!!