A group of us meet tonight to catch an early morning flight to New Orleans! :)… the feelings are all over the place with anxiety, fear, excitement and happiness. There has been a lot of stress and preparation leading up to now, but we are finally NOLA bound!!!
Thank-you so much to EVERYONE involved in supporting our fundraising efforts! Congrats NOLA Team! We raised a lot of money and awareness. Thanks to all of our family, friends, colleagues and supporters; we definitely could not have done it without you!
I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, and it’s time to go! 🙂 I’m not sure really what to expect, but I am so fortunate for this experience. I feel as though I have been prepared through our classes, the films, discussions and readings… but we will see how the “real life” experience compares!
This will be an unforgettable learning experience. I am ready to soak up a new culture, meet people, witness devastation and strength, hear unbelievable stories and help bring a family home! 🙂