I’m sitting here in the McDonalds across from the Buffalo International Airport, exhausted, frustrated and annoyed.

(Other than for the Free WiFi – I’m pretty p’d off)

My flight was at 12:40pm with Rachel and I was up all night restlesses waiting to leave.

Minutes to 11am, we pulled into the booth at the border and my father explained why we crossing over and I piped in that I had a letter. The officer at the booth didn’t even look at it but proceeded to pop our truck, check out our luggage and then wander off for a few moments. After about 10 minutes he produced a small little of piece of paper and directed us into a building.

My dad automatically started muttering under his breath “little buggers” and my mom was asking “how come? why?” I tried to keep my cool assuming that it would only take a few minutes and then we would be on our way.. but No0o0o0oooo..

After a few moments of impatiently waiting I started to get upset – my mother spoke to one of the officers  who said that he could not locate our passports and that the officer outside had written down that I was an exchange student which would prolong our wait.

As soon as 12:40pm hit I was so pissed off. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I blocked my parents and even my grandmother out because I was EXTREMELY ANNOYED. I almost blew up on the officers and swore.

Sad? But true.

After waiting two hours, a officer called my name and asked the purpose of my travel, if I was a student etc. He looked at the letter and said, “I don’t get why they told you to come here” then asked “Let me guess you missed your flight.”


He stamped the paper,  said “Sorry for wasting your time” and sent me on my way.

When I got to the airport I was about 20-30 minutes late .. and the flight attendant said there were no other flights available for the evening!! I can’t wait to see my phone bill as I spent nearly an hour on the phone negotiating a way for me to get to NOLA quick, safe, and cheap! (They wanted me to pay over $700 to rebook my flight) However we managed to get a flight for 6pm tomorrow evening – and quite possibly 6am if there is space.


– I had to prevent my parents from going to work today and tomorrow – we decided to sleep in buffalo so that we wouldn’t get stuck trying to cross the border again or questioned.

– I’m missing the Jazz Festival, moving in to Camp Hope, calling dibs on the bunk beds, the tour etc. and most of all the rest of the Group One students!!


– we got to do a bit of shopping

– my parents each got a new set of pajamas! (Hahaa for sleeping overnight)

– I should be on my way SOON!

So apart from having a bad day? I can’t wait to meet all my peers, Tanya & Pascal tomorrow! Hopefully the rest of the trip has a better after taste.

❤ Chantelle