I can’t believe it. After all our classes, and stress, and packing, and for me… getting my identification troubles… finally we’ve arrived here, and everything’s become so real. My mom drove five of us to Buffalo, and we crossed the border quite easily… which we’re grateful for after hearing some others horror stories! A bunch of us arrived at the Buffalo airport to find it closed! We met up with another group of us, and we weighed our bags getting ready to check them. Some people were over, and others luckily under, so we distributed the weight evenly so none of us had to pay extra! We went through security quite easily, no issues,.. for anyone! So then we headed to the waiting area, and it wasn’t long before they were boarding our flight.

Take off was LONG, and slow… ears were popping like crazy! The flight was fine, until the landing! Our pilot went down, and then back up, and down again, and back up… like a roller coaster! Ridiculous! Our stop over in Atlanta was seamless! We quickly found the next gate, checked in and boarded! This take off was much quicker, and painless! The flight was great, and the landing also quick! Much better! We went to pick up our bags, which were ALL there, and we took mad pictures! We were so excited to have finally arrived in New Orleans!

We found Pascal outside, and loaded our stuff in the HUGE van! We drove toward the Camp, but the GPS … not mine!… wanted us to take a closed bridge! We took a detour, and decided to find a spot for Breakfast. We ended up at ihop, which was great! One of the waitresses warned us that she was sitting us beside a crazy lady, who’s not all there and would talk to us… which we were looking forward to… but she didn’t say a word! We had a great breakfast, and explained to the waitress on the way out we were disappointed, which she got quite a chuckle from!

We then headed to Camp Hope, Pascal showing us tons of great things along the way! We couldn’t believe that we were actually seeing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina for real. Not from a movie, but from our own eyes! Everything became so real at that moment, and we were just taking it all in. Once we got here, we met up with Tanya, and a couple others. We got our tour of Camp Hope, and found our beds! We chilled for a bit, then some people decided to go into the city. Rebecca and I, tired from being up since 6:00am Thursday morning, decided to stay back. We were writing our journals, but there seems to be a line across the page, where our pen slide, because we crashed! We woke up, tried again, and crashed again! Finally, we woke up around 5pm, went to the drug store for some medication, and made it back in time for dinner!

Camp Hope had some pretty awesome pizza, and salad, and we were quite satisfied! After dinner, Tanya and Pascal were picking up other students, and doing some running around, so Jason, Rebecca and I toured the block! We walked around, and some of the neighbours were telling us their stories. It was unbelievable! One lady told us how she had to leave when Katrina hit, and had to go live with her daughter in California. She’s back now, but the stories are just… words can not even describe it.

We’ve all split up, and a few more students have arrived. I went with them while they had dinner, and they went to Waffle House. Man, Femi and Jai sure can EAT! We’ve headed back to camp, some people were in bed, as it’s lights out, and everyone’s exhausted! Breakfast is at 6:30am tomorrow! We have a tour which we’re looking forward to, too!

A few students missed their connecting flight, but got on another, and should be here soon! Poor Chantelle explained her troubles at the boarder, but we’re hoping she gets here soon too! The showers at Camp Hope are surprisingly AWESOME! The perfect way to end the day! I’m so excited for tomorrows adventures! I never knew what to expect, and still don’t, but so far, am loving every minute of it! After everything, it’s finally real, and so unbelievable!