Arrived in New Orleans last night at 1 am, would have got here earlier if we hadn’t missed our last flight! The plane from Atlanta to Houston was delayed and so Mercy, Nicole, and I had to run for our lives to try to catch our 9:20 flight. The Houston airport is absolutely ridiculously large… we had to take a shuttle bus and then take a train… then we had to run from gate E1 to E20 which was all the way at the other end of the airport. It felt like we were in the Amazing Race and lost. We arrived at the terminal 2 mins before our plane left, but they had given our seats away. But luckily enough there was another flight leaving for New Orleans at 10:55, or else we would have been stranded in the air port…something we didn’t want. So we’re all settled in now and had our first guided tour. It’s pretty sad seeing a driveway leading to a house that isn’t there anymore, overgrown lawns and sidewalks, water marks on the houses that still stand, and empty lots with for sale signs. I’m finding it hard putting what I’ve seen in the films and actually realizing that I’m standing in a street that was once flooded with water higher than me… i can’t wait for monday when we start working!! 🙂