We’re finally here (YAY!)  and it was quit a journey to get here, myself and three other students left from Thursday night at 11:30 on the Greyhound bus which took us to Buffalo Airport we had a newbie driver whom was driving like a grandma and we almost got caught up at the border because they thought we were working with FEMA, but that got cleared up pretty quickly compared to some of the other stories I’ve heard from other students. When we got to the airport my luggage ended up being 10 pounds over weight and for very one pound over the airline charges $49.00 which I was not about to pay so between myself and my good friends J I took out all my shoes, jeans and blanket and ended up being 48 pounds (just made it ).

We met up with 4 other peers of ours that were on the same flight as us. All our flights went really smoothly with no delays which was really good we transferred over in Atlanta and from there made our way to New Orleans. When we finally arrived around 9:30 am and we were all really exhausted and decided to go out for breakfast at I HOP.  I had a double-decked strawberry cheesecake pancake (which I couldn’t finish) with eggs sausage and hash brown and tea LOL yes I felt very fat after. We then made out way over to our home away from home….Camp Hope which reminds me so much of Mary grove Camp and all girls sleep over camp back in Ontario, Chuck the director of the camp gave us a brief tour and orientation of the facilities and of course us girls made or “dorm” very home like and comfy.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon touring St.Bernard Parish which is where we will be building and where Camp Hope is located and made  our way to downtown New Orleans to Canal St, Bourbon St and the French Quarter, we met a lot of interesting people and experienced a lot of New Orleans in just one day…Louise got her palm read, we played with as street musician and sang Amazing Grace we went on the famous Bourbon St and met a few wild and friendly people and we ended our day at a really cute outdoor restaurant tucked away on Bourbon St called Pat O’Brian’s where I ate red beans, sausage and rice which is on of New Orleans traditional dishes.

I didn’t expect to experience so much in so little time J …let the good times roooolllllll!

Love, Live, Life

–          Tanika