So today is day 3, and i feel like i could call New Orleans home already..So far the weather has been ok, cloudy but humid and overall it has not been too bad. The flight in was nice, i did a video blog with jerome on his macbook and it was done a couple thousand feet in the air…coool? i tink yes…lol Well, helping Tonya move in was alot of fun, who knew that my knot tying skills would come in so handy to help move some furniture. Her place is looking like home sweet home, except for the lack of electricity but hopefully that will come soon. As for me, i really enjoyed the bus tour, i was pretty amazed that i was actually in the same place that we onced watch get destroyed on every major media station. It was really humbling and satisfying to know that indeed we were here to make a difference and im glad i am going to be apart of that cause. The people living here are preety cool folk, and now i truly know the real meaning of southern hospitality. So now last night we finally saw the nightlife of new Orleans and man oh man can i say i had the best night ever. Partying on Bourbon street with beeds and shots…..walking down frenchman street with alcohol talking with people and going clubbin until 4 am! yeah mayneee it was surely a night to remember. And the line of the night “i like your accent, where you from?