After much procrastination, i’m going to write a blog post. Only 4 days into the trip so much has happened, the airline lost my luggage when i got here which kind of put a damper on things but coming to camp hope and seeing familiar people made it better. How my luggage ended up in Atlanta when i watched it go into the plane still baffles me.

The weekend flew by with a couple of tours and drive bys of the city, it’s a really eye-opening experience to be down here. Its one thing to watch films and look at what was in the media, but a completely different story to be here seeing it for yourself. It’s sad to see that almost 5 years later there’s still homes that are really damaged and families that can’t return home and that the government really isn’t doing much to bring home the citizens of NOLA. Maybe sad wasn’t the right word, disgusting seems like a better fit. For a country that’s a huge superpower, and “cares” so much for its people, they’re doing a pretty horrible job of showing it.

Being in the city has been awesome, everyone is so friendly and welcomes you with open arms. Unlike Toronto where if you say hi to someone they roll their eyes and walk away, friendliness is so much more common here. I love the way people speak down here, even though apparently I’m the one with the accent.

Today was the first work day, everyone gave it everything they had and we got a lot done, which was totally worth it even if we’re feeling it now. Even with the minor injuries i got today (second group, if you’re using a shovel to take out a wall, keep a close eye for rubs on your thumbs, they aren’t me.) i’m super stoked to see what tomorrow brings.

With each day that passes i’m more and more excited i decided to extend the trip til the end of the month.